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Smart Chime Pet Doorbell
Smart Chime Pet DoorbellSmart Chime Pet Doorbell
Smart Chime Pet Doorbell
Item#: 2000SC

Product Description
Do have your pet messing up the house with his poop and wee- wee?

Have you often felt you needed something to curb all this and train your pet?

Do you want something smart & innovative to help you through this process?

Presenting the all new Smart Chime! A quality and innovative, or shall we call it a fun product that will ease away all those unhappy and messy moments in your life.

The Smart Chime helps in controlling your petís movements; you could know when he actually wants to go for wee Ė wee walk. It requires prior training to get things started Ė and this goes without a saying.

So now you have a wonderful product that will make you alert when your pup or cat is going out of the door. So you could keep an eye or shall we say an ear on him.

And the thing thatís going to really amuse you is that the sounds emitted from the Smart Chime is absolutely cute.

It is like a real dog barking or little kitty mewing. These sounds are designed to keep your Baby feel comfortable, not too harsh on the humanís ear and whatís more this Smart Chime doubles up as a normal door bell too.
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